The Temple

The temple entrance is well hidden under alot of dirt and left overs of things sucked into this plane. There are some swords dead people and even a skeletal dragon (dead ofc) on the temple. In the Entrance The Doors are big and heavy. But they dont have spider webs in them. This indicates that they have been opened. The temple itself has atleast 8 entrances. Each one will enable a few creatures to live in this place without even meeting each other.

At the end when They will find the item The bard will recognize that this is a bag of holding. And near it there is an Inscribtion

Beyond the brown line there is a wild magic area. However the only spells that can be cast there are : Detect magic, Any self buff spells turn into Invisability or Confusion. Any Touch spell turns into Touch of Idiocy. Any Direct Damage spell turns into Disintegrate. And more random spells :D

The Maze !

room Number 1 : When the enter it they see that it is empty and has nothing unique in it except the big torch that is for some reason burning at the top. (a close look shows its a light spell)

Rooms B – each of these places has a few bodies (skeletons) they are lifelss. But if someone dares to touch one of them. The same guy will wake up and try to kill him.

skeleton stats.

Room 2 : This is the end of alittle trip in this twisted part. It has a big pole to the top of the tower. This place is accually here to support the building. However they will find ancients writings on the Pole. A short read will show a few words they know. Only the wearer of the translations ring can read it.

“We are Those….Create and ki….From one place…... Exit…..Bag….”

Room 3 : Another Pole in this wierd placement of things. However this pole is clean of writing. Insted it has a spell on it. If anyone touches it his hand will stick to it for 15 minutes. When he touches it a warning will show : ” Im so old I never thought anyonw would touch me again”

Room 4 : Exit Room, This room has a small boar who decided to inhabit this place as a home. If the Druid will take initiative this animal wont attack them. If the Boar hears them activate the sneeze trap he will comr out and unleash a big shout then probably attack the party. (the kobolds will help him)

Boar stats.

Room 5 : A small room who has little meaning. This room has the number 4 and 2 written all over the place. After a certain check it is easy to find that they show the number 24.

Room 6 : This place has 6 kobolds who got sucked through the portal and they live here. They are not eager for battle. accually even if they hear them they wont really try to engage in battle. However if they hear the group start sneezing and hear the boar attacking they will join to defeat the threat quickly. Here the kobolds hold the bars lever.

Kobold stats.

Room 7 : The room with the Riddle ! To enter it you must answer the riddle that shows on the wall. What can you put in a barrel to make it lighter? Answer: A hole

After they entered the Room they see that it glows with dim light and it seems to be covered with somesort of seaweed and that is what makes the room glow. There is a large pit in the middle of the room. The pit is about 100’ deep and several dark shapes can be seen moving around the bottom. On either side of the pit is a 5’ wide walkway. When the PCs try to cross the walkway they discover that it’s an illusion. The walkways are actually 50’ deep pits. The walls of the pits are lined with poisoned spikes and acid is at the bottom of the pits. The original pit is an illusion that is safe to cross.

Room 8 : A boring Door room nothing interasting except that the doors are opened Upwards.

Room 9 : Another possible entrance however the doors have a neat picture of a big ball with teeth who tries to eat a smaller ball.

Room 10 : When the party reaches 1, the thief should check for traps, there are none here so when the party enters the room and reaches 2, the door slams shut (one way door so they cannot get out). Written on the glass wall, in several languages, is a sign saying “In case of fire, break glass.” If (eventually) the party approaches 4, napalm drops, igniting 1 or more characters. The party will probably break the glass. Upon doing this, water flows in from a small grate in the ceiling above 3, flooding the entire area. There are 2 escapes. Managing to break the door – STR check of 22. (gets harder the more water are present) A spell who can open the door. Or of htey find the secret door they can open it to safety. A third option is to use the small grate in the ceeling when water feels the place.

Z room : The Z room is more like an entire area the walls are covered with picutes of people giving oferings to a huge ball made of pure blackness while some search for a white ball. Also there is a fake Beholder in the room moving similarly to one. (animated wont attack though)

G room : This is the ultimate room in the maze. It is filled with alot of powerfull glowing beings that seem like seaweeds again. The light is powerfull. However to enter the room u must pass the Punching arm. If the door is opened without knocking first a large glowing hand punches the first PC through then slams the door shut. If PC’s try to attack it, it will attempt to grasp the weapon and pull it out of the PC’s hand. After the 3rd try that they will fail he will shout : “Be Polite God dammit !” Here they will find the bag of holding and the note.

Room 11 : The treasure room ! a random one though. There are 5 rings here each placed in a tall place near the ceeling. Each one adds 1 point to the highest stat for the charecter. Also one of the rinds make the wearer sometimes understand things diffrently then said. If someone says attack him he might hear create a little bear. The 5 rings come in 5 colors. Black – the cursed one. and blue,white,green and Red.

Room 12 : This is a small storage room. There are 12 swords here each one twisted and oddly shaped. 1d10 – 1 damage and – 1 to attack rolls.

Room 13 : There is a small critter in the room he seems to be horribly fat. He cant move anymore because he is so fat. The food source is a little hole from the ceeling that you see little biskits are coming through. (This is a time and space matter spitter)

Room 14 : The door is sealed shut ultra hard. DC 40 to open. It has a painting of a jolly little fella.

The Temple

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