Sorcerer Rules


1.Sorcerers start the game with the eschew materials feat.

2.Sorcerers have a Magika skill that grants them mana like the mages but with magika times their level times 1.5. magika is charisma based.

3.Sorcerers regenerate mana like mages but 1.5 times faster.

4.A sorcerer must declare when he receives his mana.

5.They gain 4+int skill points per level.

6.Sorcerers don’t need neither spellcraft nor the knowledges to cast spells but they must have them to recognize spell and/or magical items.

7.Sorcerers start with all the metamagic feats. They cost as usual. Quicken spell is a free action and not a full round.

8.While playing in the forgotten realms the maximum amount of mana a character can cast is 124 due to Mystra’s restriction.

9.Sorcerers can learn spells above their spell limit given they’ve found a way for it.

Sorcerer Rules

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