Original Black Hole

Somethings Cooking matirial

Tor Verinian meets the group after they have finished atleast 1 adventure. They are supposed to be levels 3-4 by now. He tells them that he needs them to do him a favor. Take the Pearl of Power and drop it at the peak hole in Ravenedale. He will pay them well and he gives each of them a ring with Message on it. So he can talk to them.

What they dont know is that another group Drops a similar Pearl from a diffrent Location but into the same Plane. The reaction of the 2 pearls creates a Black Hole that starts to suck in the Plane.

On their way to the Location They take a cart with horses. However eventually the cart will return to town becuase they need to enter a forest.

A random encounter in the woods with a few orcs will happen here.

The PCs are traveling through a deep forest and come upon a small glade. In the glade center is a large rock that has a bowl-shaped indentation in its top and water fills the bowl. The PCs hear sylvan music in the breeze as they enter (Pan pipes, flutes, low drums, etc.) It gets louder as the PCs approach the pool in the rock. Inside the Rock there is a hole where they should drop the pearl. While walking there they see strage sights in the water. Some moving pictures of a big darkness eating a smaller ball colored green and blue.

This is accually a hidden portal to the Plane of Mirror.

The Charecters are supposed to find a way to stop the Black hole from sucking the entire Plane.

Ways to do it : Cover the hole with a bag of holding, thus they gain a powerfull magical item
A powerfull Dispell magic spell can spot the hole from working
Cast Mending on the black hole and close it
Hold portal, Knock can stop its work but not return the lost mass
any other unique or creative way

When they do so The time and space fenomenoun happened by the Black hole is stopped and they are looped back to the little lake.

Original Black Hole

Black Hole Problem. - D&D LeNyX