Item Creatin Rules

Item Creation:

1.There is only one item creation feat for wondrous items etc. and it’s called “item creation”.

2.Brew potion and scribe scroll are item creation feat for these rules.

3.Creating an item still cost XP, gold and time.

4.The minimum level to create an Item is as in the books (minimum caster level for the highest – level spell cast on the item, minimum 3rd level).

5.Low powered items are created exactly like in the book. Low powered items have a “rule of thumb” if the caster level is below 10 the item considered low powered – DM can change it and in general consult your DM for further instruction.

6.More powerful items creation is a long and costly process like in the 2nd edition.

7.Theoretically any character can create magical armors and weapons with “pluses” it requires a craft check of 20 + 5*(plus) and special materials

Item Creatin Rules

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